cacao ceremony tulum

Cacao ceremony in Tulum, a quintessential experience

Sipping cacao is to return to the roots, it is to move to the place where the mind, spirit and body coexist in harmony with the environment. When you share your life with cacao, you can cope with the most challenging state of life with ease.

Have you ever taken part in a cacao ceremony?

cacao ceremony in tulum

Cacao Spirit is one of the most powerful deities in Mayan cosmology. It is known as “Ku-Ku” which means Sacred over the sacred. Cacao was cultivated by this culture for 2,500 years.

Prepared according to the secret recipe, which is more than 600 years old, taught to us by our Mayan ancestors and accompanied with shamanic healing songs, it is the door to take a trip to our interior and open our hearts. It therefore allows us to be more receptive to what is to come.

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In order to enter the correct state of mind to take part in the ceremony, we must find a moment of silence, immerse ourselves in the noise of our own heartbeat and listen carefully to our body. He will tell us what you need.

Cacao ceremony

A cocoa ceremony begins by coming into contact with the plant that gives rise to this journey, therefor feeling its texture and aroma while a cocoa pod is shelled. Cultivation is the essence of learning. Bringing water to a boil and choosing the herbs that will be part of this ceremony is to connect with nature.

By serving a little of the drink, you are grateful to the land, to the origins. Soon you will be able to travel to a state of meditation, hence, the properties of chocolate open your senses. They allow you to communicate with yourself. A cocoa ritual invites us to feel, to surrender, to trust and to listen to what happens at that moment to be reborn as a different person.

What it means

It is said that in ancient times a cup of this drink was shared to each beloved person who visited a community. It was drank together to speak from the heart and create deeper connections and ties that strengthened the native peoples. When one speaks from the heart, one speaks from their truth. From there, it is possible to create a new reality.

As human beings we have a fixed and limited idea of ​​what we are, what we feel and our possibilities. But when we drink cocoa, a space of greater vision opens up within ourselves. Let us be grateful that we have this plant, food of our gods and our land.

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